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Cow / Deer / Horse / Pig Deira Edit (Discount in Description)

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With permission from Mari I have made my dream edit of the Deira base, I have created hooves from the paws and made a new cow nose with deer and pig blend shapes meaning that all current blend shapes work with my edits. I am very passionate about my love for cows and wanted to share it with the rest of the community. Please support Mari! They are an amazing creator and a great friend. <3

This model is created and set up to use in VRChat, it is at your own discretion to port to other platforms.
There currently is no quest-compatible version of this model so please keep this in mind when purchasing from this listing.


- Unity 2019.4.31f1
- VRCSDK3 Avatar
- Poiyomi Toon Shader (I used V7.3.046)

New Features:

- New Cow Nose topology (+deer, horse, and pig nose shape keys)
- Hooves
- New Textures (Substance Painter Files and PSD Files included)
- Fluffy fur and bumpy nose normal maps
- From scratch cow ears, tail, and horns
- From scratch deer ears, tail, and antlers
- From scratch pig ears and tail
- From scratch horse ears, tail, and horns
- Mud Splotches Animation for Pig
- Very Minor Body Edit Shapekeys

Features From Base Deira (setup by Mari):

- AR Kit Blendshapes (All are compatible with my edits)
- Animated Tears
- Locomotion Fix Setup
- Different Body Shape blend shapes and toggles
- Claw Toggles
- Hand Size
- Alternate Hand
- Face Jiggles

What's Included:

- Cow-Deer-Horse-Pig Blender File
- Cow Paws FBX (69,871 Tris)
- Cow Paws without hair FBX (46,175 Tris)
- Cow Hands FBX (74,057 Tris)
- Cow Hands without hair FBX (50,361 Tris)
- Deer Paws FBX (66,343 Tris)
- Deer Paws without hair FBX (42,647 Tris)
- Deer Hands FBX (70,529 Tris)
- Deer Hands without hair FBX (46,833 Tris)
- Horse Paws FBX (67,451 Tris)
- Horse Paws without hair FBX (43,755 Tris)
- Horse Hands FBX (71,637 Tris)
- Horse Hands without hair FBX (47,941 Tris)
- Pig Paws FBX (63,871 Tris)
- Pig Paws without hair FBX (40,175 Tris)
- Pig Hands FBX (68,057 Tris)
- Pig Hands without hair FBX (44,361 Tris)
- Separate Cow, Deer, Horse, and Pig Substance Painter Files
- Separate Cow, Deer, Horse, and Pig PSD Files PSDs are no longer available at the moment as I am unable to export the PSDs with my version on Substance Painter, when I update I will include the PSDs at a later date, I have included all the AO's that I used on the models.
- Cow, Deer, Horse, and Pig Textures and Normal Maps
- Unity Package

Terms of Use:

  1. You CAN NOT redistribute, share, give or share any files with anyone that you are given access to when purchasing from this listing.
  2. You CAN NOT sell the unedited model or its parts on its own in any regard.
  3. You CAN NOT share these files or licenses with anyone, including but not limited to friends, family, and significant others.
  4. Buying this listing will only give you access to a personal license unless you buy the commercial license from the Deira Listing found here. The personal license means that:
    • You CAN NOT upload this avatar as public on any social VR platform.
    • This model CAN NOT be used in any commercial capacity.
  5. DO NOT delete or edit the credit meshes/texture, doing so will violate these terms
  6. DO NOT use any assets (meshes or textures or anything obtained from this listing) to make, use for, or represent NFTs.
  7. DO NOT purchase this if you have no unity knowledge.
  8. Always credit or link Mari and me if selling any models using anything from the files purchased from this listing. (THIS RULE ONLY APPLIES IF YOU HAVE ALSO BOUGHT THE COMMERCIAL LICENSE FOR THE DEIRA MODEL FROM THIS LISTING)
  9. These terms are subject to edits and change.
  10. If any terms/rules are violated necessary action will be taken.
  11. Whether you read the terms of use or not, by purchasing from this listing you are agreeing to all my terms of use as well as Mari's terms of use which can be found here.
  12. When commissioning someone else, make sure that both parties own the cow/deer/pig edits and have bought the license from this page.
  13. For your license to be valid you must fill out the checkout page correctly and with a valid vrchat id (can find it here) as well as a valid Discord id # (can find it here). (For purchases made before September 19, 2022, vrchat username and discord username+tag are valid, they just need to be correct).
  14. To get access to the files you have to fill out the google form linked after purchasing.

Credits :

- Deira Base by Mari -

Change Logs (M/D/YY) :

- V 1.0.0 Deira Base Edit Cow, Deer, and Pig Released

- Rule 12 added.

- Rule 13 added.

- Fixed Mirrored UVs on the face
- Updated to physbones
- Added Horse Version
- Added New Hoof Blendshape
- Added Fluff Hoof Blendshape
- Added Hand version for all animals
- New Body AO's
- Updated substance painter files for paw and hand versions for all animals
- Fixed Mouth Blendshapes
- Made the flat tooth base blend shape
- Moved files to Google Drive

- Fixed overlapping UV's on legs
- Updated project to Unity 2022
- Put files on Payhip and Gumroad

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Last updated Apr 4, 2024

Blender Files, FBX Files, Substance Painter Files, Texture Files, and Unity Package

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Cow / Deer / Horse / Pig Deira Edit (Discount in Description)

23 ratings
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